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Why invest in an eBook?

Ebooks are the most effective way of marketing your business.

Once you give away knowledge about your domain through an eBook to a reader, you convert them into a customer. 

So what's included here ?

  • Extensive research of your topic will be done.
  • Our writers will design creative content for your eBook. 
  • The eBook will be based on your keywords and 100% SEO-friendly.
  • We will add images relevant to each main section. 
  • We will add your author-bio with your photograph. 
  • We will add a template cover page and index
  • We will add a strong call-to-action at the end of the eBook. 
  • The eBook is delivered in a PDF format


4 - page mini eBook (cover page to back page): $48.00 

7 - page premium eBook (cover page to back page): $84.00 

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$43.20 (mini eBook) & $75.60 (premium eBook)

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Price $48.00